The new ss19 collection Kristina Bobkova started planning while travelling in Thailand, where she was invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.The main impression of that journey was visits to the artisan manufactories, where cotton is painted and weaved by using natural dyes obtained from the bark of trees or shells of insects. In one of the workshops Kristina got her name written in Thai letters. As a result, the inscription became a part of the new BOBKOVA collection SS2019.

In Thailand so many things can be sources of inspiration – different shades of orange from the curry powder, attires of Buddhist monks, a panel made from loose paper with bamboo leaves and a feeling of optimism from the ever-smiling Thais. “Lots of new pieces were included in the new collection, such as tunic-like dresses and pyjamas, as well as shiny silky textures”- says the designer.

The designer used cotton similar to rice paper and heavily wet silk. Original prints of the collection are the outlines of sea urchins and rice shoots. A light shades pallete - milk, nude, sand is complemented by protective khaki and terracotta.

The ethnic theme already appeared in the collections of BOBKOVA .

In the new collection, Kristina used the principle of cutting Thai trousers. The designer changed the proportions and choose a denser cotton so that the trousers are folded into the graphical folds diagonally or vertically. The idea of folding and wrapping of clothes is reflected in the tailoring of dresses and tops. Garments can be worn in different ways, which is typical for Bobkova.

The main garments of the collection are dresses with an asymmetrical hem and a diagonal seam, which is revealed in a cascade of frills. A suit that reminds of a working uniform - closed on a wide belt with wide trousers made of cotton or denim. Dress-raincoat with a suit collar and volumetric trapezoidal sleeve. From the usual cocoon-like silhouettes the designer moves on to a new one - with an emphasis on the shoulder line, aligning the lines and extending the proportions.

The footwear of the collection - open high-heeled sandals or satin on massive buckles sandals with an orthopaedic sole on the platform.


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